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IRBCAM™ - CAD/CAM for Robots


IRBCAM DVD+Manual:        Sculpturing with robotic milling, Redsky Portugal using IRBCAM:
IRBCAM DVD+Manual        Redsky Portugal  

Milled by the company Arturn KKft, Hungary using IRBCAM and a KUKA robot with turntable (2017):

Arturn KKft
It wouldn't be without your software. Thanks for the support. Zoltán Páll

Milled by Griffon Design, Croatia using IRBCAM and a KUKA robot on a linear track (2016):

Griffon Design 1   Griffon Design 2   Griffon Design 3

Robot milling of 4.2m tall rabbit sculpture in foam by the company Roland Rechinger GmbH using the cLaraMill system from G-Robots:

Rechinger Rabbit   Rechinger Rabbit

IRB6600-2.5mm-175kg: Milling of plugs for a racecar. Universities of Agder and Stavanger, Norway. See also this video.

IRBCAM Racecar

UiS Racecar 2012   UiS Racecar 2013  
UiS cars: Left 2012, Right 2013.

IRB1400 and stationary tool milling. See also this video video

IRBCAM Stationary Tool   IRBCAM Stationary Tool

3-axis milling using an IRB6400 M97 for an art exhibition in Hungary (courtesy of G-Robots Kft):

IRBCAM Exhibition in Hungary  IRBCAM Exhibition in Hungary

The first picture below is a CAD design of a propeller part. The second picture shows the finished part after machining using an IRB2400L.

Propeller CAD file Cut of Propeller
Left: Propeller CAD file.
Middle: Finished propeller. Accuracy 0.3mm compared to original CAD file.

IRBCAM 2016 version
Sample screenshot from the IRBCAM 2016 version, Windows 10, 64-bit.

IRBCAM MAC version
Sample screenshot from the MAC OS X version.

IRBCAM Linux version
Sample screenshot from the Linux (Ubuntu) version.