The 2024 release of IRBCAM is a major upgrade with a modern 3D graphics engine and optimized code for maximum efficiency. The new version is available as subscription service including monthly or annual options. The price for Standard is 49.99 Euro per month or 499 Euro for a full year, and the price for Professional is 149.99 Euro per month or 1499 Euro for a full year. Payment is with credit card, but for annual payment of Professional subscription we offer invoiced payment. You can also get in touch with us to discuss custom needs and options such as enterprise solutions and volume-based subscriptions for educational use.

A big change from the legacy IRBCAM is that the new IRBCAM is software as a service. This means that you will regularly have access to new features and improvements without the need to download or install anything. To support the regular updates, the development of IRBCAM is based on rigorous testing with a comprehensive set of automatic tests to ensure that functionality is as expected. During the beta period we released new versions almost every week. From June and forward this will change, and we expect to normally have 2-4 weeks between new releases, but faster updates if any critical issues are found. Release notes are available here.

The service paradigm means that IRBCAM is always available and accessible, being it from work, home, your old computer, or your new computer. With a web application we are also opening a wide range of new opportunities such as sharing and collaboration, extensions and plugins, and integration with other software.   

The new version has a Plugin (API) interface and cloud functionality. Official plugins for IRBCAM are available here:

For a complete tutorial using the new version, see the following Playlist: