IRBCAM is a toolpath creation, validation and 3D robotic simulation software. It can import your own toolpaths on CSV and JSON formats and convert NC-code (APT-CLS format) to high-quality executable robot code.

Reasons to Choose IRBCAM:

  • Tried and Trusted: IRBCAM has been on the market for almost 20 years. Over the years the generated robot code has been verified to work robustly by numerous end-users all over the world.
  • Ease of Use: IRBCAM has an intuitive and user-friendly 3D interface. Even complex robotic systems including external axes can be configured intuitively with graphical wizards. IRBCAM is currently used as a robotic teaching tool at several universities and technical colleges. However, the majority of our customers are industrial companies. Quote from one of our end-users: “We have been able get started with IRBCAM faster than any other robotic CAD/CAM software.”
  • Affordability: In the past it has been expensive and complex to convert CAD files into robot movements. IRBCAM brings this technology within the price range of many more customers. Universities and teaching institutions receive a discounts.
  • Flexibility: IRBCAM is not limited to a particular manufacturer of robots, CAD/CAM software or operating system. You do not have to switch to a new CAD/CAM software when purchasing IRBCAM. IRBCAM has been tested and works with SurfCAM, Esprit, CATIA, ProEngineer, VisualMill, RhinoCAM, Creo, PowerMill, SolidCam and others. Send us an example APT-CLS file if you want us to test IRBCAM’s compatibility with other CAD/CAM software. IRBCAM runs entirely in the browser, is currently available for all major operating systems, and even works on tablets and smartphones.
  • Offline Programming: IRBCAM can also be used as a stand-alone offline programming and verification tool, including singularity checking, robot configuration (bending backwards/forwards, elbow up/down and wrist flip/noflip, axis 6 +/- 360 degrees). Robot programs can be created and verified in 3D without using toolpaths from CAD/CAM software, including some 5-axis functions found in CAM software.
  • Unique: IRBCAM supports external axes (rotary and track motion) and parallel background loading of files for some robot controllers. We are happy to work with and support end-users who want to build and set up their own robot cell and individual solutions.
  • Continuous Development: IRBCAM is continuously developed and new functions and features are added based on customer requests. The company Hokarob AS in Norway develops IRBCAM, see our website.

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