What it is?

IRBCAM is a 3D simulation software dedicated to robot machining. It converts NC-code (DIN G-codes or APT-CLS format) to high-quality executable robot code. Eight Reasons to Choose IRBCAM: Tried and Trusted: The first version of IRBCAM was released in 2005 and over the years the generated robot code has been […]

Robot Models Supported

The following robot models are currently supported by IRBCAM. New models are added on request: ABB IRB120-0.58-3ABB IRB1200-5-90ABB IRB1200-7-70ABB IRB140-0.81-5ABB IRB1400-1.44-5ABB IRB1600-1.2-6ABB IRB1600-1.45-6ABB IRB1600ID-1.5-4ABB IRB2400-1.5-10ABB IRB2400-1.5-16ABB IRB2400L-1.8-7ABB IRB2600-1.65-12ABB IRB2600-1.85-12ABB IRB4400-1.96-45ABB IRB4400-1.96-60ABB IRB4400L-2.43-30ABB IRB4400L-2.55-10ABB IRB4600-2.05-60ABB IRB4600-2.5-20ABB IRB4600-2.55-40ABB IRB6400-2.4-M97ABB IRB6400-2.8-M97ABB IRB6400-3.0-M97ABB IRB6400R-2.5-200ABB IRB6400R-2.8-200ABB IRB6600-2.55-175ABB IRB6600-2.8-175ABB IRB6600ID-2.55-185ABB IRB6620-2.2-150ABB IRB6620LXABB IRB6640-2.55-180ABB IRB6640-2.55-235ABB IRB6640-2.75-205ABB IRB6640-2.8-185ABB […]


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